To G Suite or not to G Suite, that is the question.

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Formally known as Google Apps, G Suite is part of Googles cloud based offerings for businesses. We are all familiar with Googles basic yet powerful free tools such as Google Drive or Google Docs and a lot of us use them extensively in our business lives, especially in smaller businesses where buying expensive software isn’t in the budget.

Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations together with colleagues no matter where you at the same time. Whether you are a small business such as Reid Brothers – Stainless Steel Banding or a personal blogger with big admissions, G Suite is there for you to take advantage of its collaborative, cloud based software.

Why G Suite?

Googles free tools are fantastic as they allow you to work seamlessly across different platforms like Docs and Sheets which are basically Googles versions of Word and Excel. These programmes allow several users to access the document at the same time. Not only that but edits can be viewed in real time as they happen and notes can be left between the users to share ideas or suggestions. Thanks to G Suite being a cloud based system, you can comment on a document, while it’s being written in Japan, while you are in London.


We have also been given free access to Google hangouts which gives us the ability to video conference with up to 10 colleagues across the world. Not to mention Google Drive which is perfect for sharing and storing up to 15GB of data. Both of these free Google services have previously been very expensive from other providers.

For a lot of small businesses these free tools are all that are needed. Many businesses will create one business account and share the login details with everyone in the office. Some businesses ask their employees to create a personal, work Gmail account and grant them access to the various documents. Whichever way people decide to set up and use their accounts, it’s clear that Google has delivered some of the best free cloud based software available. Thanks Google.

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G Suite has all the same advantages as the free tools like Docs, Sheets, Drive and Forms with one main difference, it’s not free. Now before you catapult your cup of coffee across the room, it’s not as bad as you would think. There are three tiers, $5 Basic, $10 Business, $25 Enterprise and as you would imagine, as the price increases the amount of features increase too. In a nut shell, you get more control and less restrictions over your G Suite than you do with Googles free tools.

Storage & Collaboration

You get more storage space, 30GB for the basic package and unlimited for the other two. You also receive more advanced actions like smart search across the Suite and higher security control like data loss prevention. Being able to add multiple users to the account also allows for simple organisation and limitless collaboration. G Suite is also available on mobile so no matter where you are, as long as you have your smart phone you can retrieve and present the information you need in a matter of moments. If you are already fairly dependant on Googles free tools, it’s worth looking at the details of each tier to understand which package would best meet your specific needs.

G Suite Benefits

The main reason people choose to purchase G Suite over continuing to use what’s free, is that it brings your Google tools up to a professional level. Having more control over the business data and the users that have access to it. The most practical advantage of G Suite is that it gives you access to a business email. So instead of having a email address, you receive a email address.

This not only gives your business emails a more professional look, but having a dedicated business email address also helps build trust with your stakeholders. A quick search for email hosting will give you an idea of the different prices available from other vendors. 123Reg for example offers you 1 email address with 25GB of storage for £6.99 + VAT and that’s all you get. If you compare that to the Basic G Suite package at $5, even if you all you needed was a business email account, it is still better value for money.

You get all the great cloud based tools with 30GB of storage and it’s from google, which is probably the most trusted source around. G Suite is fantastic value in comparison its competition.

It really comes down what you need and what your business needs. For a lot of people, continuing to use Googles free tools is the way to go.  After all, for a free service it’s brilliant. If you don’t need a lot of storage or a business email, it also may be pretty hard to justify spending any amount of money on added benefits you wouldn’t use. However, for those businesses looking to up there game, G Suite may just be the best option.

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