WSDM2013 is proud to be part of and host several great business events. Clients of WSDM2013 often get free entry or a discount. Non-clients are also welcome and can enquire about tickets or entry fees by contacting us at

The events listed here are open for anyone to attend. They mostly take on the form of workshops or seminars where businessmen, tech experts, marketing experts, social media experts, etc. share their knowledge and expertise and also introduce ways to use certain tools effectively.

Business Principles 101 – 25 July

9 AM @ Forest Grove Hotel and Conference Center
A one-day workshop and information session for anyone who owns a business or wants to start one. If you already have a business, this may help you get back to basics. If you want to start one, it will give you a good place to start and teach you what to keep in mind when running your business.

Marketing Basics in 2017 – 5 August

6 PM @ Forest Grove Hotel and Conference Center
The marketing field is constantly changing as new technology is developed and social media is taking over the world. Four of the best marketing experts share the newest trends and how to use them to your advantage.

Technology and Your Business – 30 August

6 PM @ Forest Grove Hotel and Conference Center
Technology can help you save money, automate your processes, work more smoothly, and have excellent marketing strategies. Local entrepreneurs and tech advisors give a seminar on how to make the best of technology in your business.